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Here are the answers to many of the FAQ’s that get asked when it comes to getting ‘Natural Breast Enlargement Without Surgery


Are The Natural Breast Enlargement Without Surgery Products Safe To Use?

Yes, the ones that we recommend all use natural products. There are no reported harmful side effects.

In fact, for centuries, similar herbs have been consumed for the rejuvenating properties that help to slow down aging, boost memory, stimulate blood circulation, reduce wrinkles and freckles, improve complexion and increase energy levels.


Who Should Not Use The Breast Enlargement Products?

Breast Enhancement Products are generally safe for use amongst women over 21 years old.

However, pregnant women, lactating mothers and women with estrogen-sensitive gynaecological tumours and cysts are advised against using any type of bust serum.

When in doubt, you should consult a health care physician before starting.


How Do They Work?

When applied properly and consistently, the natural breast enhancements do help to enhance breast volume while lifting and firming the breasts. Breasts will regain their youthful texture.

They help to strengthen the milk ducts, stimulate and expand fat tissues, resulting in firmer and well-shaped breasts.


How Soon Do They Work?

Most women notice improvement on their breasts appearance after a week of application, though results may vary according to the individual.

For best results, they should be used for a minimum period of 8 weeks


Is There A Limit To How Big Your Breasts Will Grow?

Breast AnatomyIndividual results may vary and the natural breast enhancements will not enlarge your breast beyond their original potential.

If you are a 34A, then do not expect to become a 34F. It is just not possible without any expensive and potentially harmful surgery. An increase of up to 2 cup sizes is achievable.

You will find on some of the products that we do not recommend, there are some extremely worrying claims they make.

…If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is!


How big your breast line grows is also predetermined by genetics so basically they will help you reach your limit quickly and safely.

Different products work differently on different women. Your genetic make-up and lifestyle play a part in how fast the natural product makes a difference to your breast line.


If I Stop Using The Treatment, Will Your Breasts return To Their Original Size / Condition?

The positive effect will not immediately fade away when you stop using the products, but your breasts will gradually return to their original size and appearance over a period of time. This can however take a long time.


What Will Affect Your Results?

There could be a few possibilities.

  • For example, inadequate nutrition is known to interfere with the positive outcomes.
  • Sometimes, a person may need to use the products for a longer period before any visible positive effects can be seen.


If You Have Large Breasts, How Will The Products Help?

Larger BreastsYou will see positive firming, toning and de-wrinkling in women with naturally big breasts or sagging breasts that result after childbirth or during menopause.

In these instances, your breasts will remain their original size but will look more enhanced with a firmer and uplifted look.


How Do You Use The Products?

The Bust Serum is incredibly easy to use. Simply pump 2-3 drops of the serum onto your palm and gently massage this serum onto your bust until it is completely absorbed.

For the best results, you should use it twice a day, preferably after you have had a shower or a bath.

The products are 100% scent-free and proven to absorb quickly into your skin, your friends and family will never know you are wearing it.

If the product includes tablets, these are taken normally once per day.


How Are The Products Delivered?

The products we recommend all come with 100% complete discretion.

When you order the products you can feel confident that your order will arrive with no reference to it contents on the packaging.

There are however, some products that we do not recommend and these do not come with guarantees – hence the reason why we cannot recommend them.


Are the Guarantees Genuine?

Yes, the guarantee periods stipulated by each of the recommended products are genuine as far as we can say. We have never received any adverse comments from any of these.

You need to  use the product during the recommended period and you need to read the companies policies re any refunds and procedures involved. You cannot simply return all the products and expect a full refund without consulting with the company in the first instance. Most require a unique number you need to include when sending the products back.


Product with 60 day guarantee

  • You will need to make contact with them say within 4 weeks
  • You must request any refund within 2 months (60 days) of purchase, and return everything during the same period.


Who Can You Talk To If You Have Any Concerns About Products?


The recommended products have excellent customer care. Most of this is done by way of email, in some cases you can phone them.


Are The Clinical Studies Genuine?

Yes as far as we have been able to ascertain, all are genuine.