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Can You Achieve This without Surgery?


We’ve been asked a lot of times if the product Pueraria Mirifica can work for male breast enlargement as well as for women breast enlargement.  And if so, how effective is it and is it safe to use?


To answer these questions and more, this article will cover the key points you need to know about male breast enlargement, how you can use products that work, how long it will take and how much it will all cost. So let me begin.


Where To Find Male Breast Enlargement Products?


Before I answer any of these questions, I carried out some research on the internet and there are very few products advertised that can actually produce results. I actually found one product that was specifically targeted towards men who want male breast enlargement and I was shocked as to the actual costs of the products. In addition to this, it did not come with any guarantees and I could not find any details of what the ingredients are of the product.


If you find a product that does not display their ingredients, then I would walk away. Remember you are going to be either taking these products internally and / or, applying a cream or serum to your skin. Don’t you want to know what’s in the product?


Pueraria Mirifica Does Work


Pueraria Mirifica Okay, back to the question raised at the beginning of this article. Yes, Pueraria Mirifica can produce results of male breast enlargement equally as well as female enhancement, for the following reasons;


Did you know that males have been using pueraria mirifica for male breast enlargement in its country of origin for decades to develop a full female chest! This is nothing new. In fact there has been a lot of research that has concluded that pueraria mirifica is as equally effective for male breast enlargement as it is for women, which is good news.



You can find out more about Pueraria Mirifica here




But How Does Pueraria Mirifica Work for Male Breast Enlargement?


Basically both men and women share the same hormones. At young to middle ages, men start to increase the levels of testosterone in their blood which starts to promote masculinity. On the other hand, women start to increase the levels of estrogen which results in the female form with breast enlargement.


In addition to this, as men and women grow older the levels of the hormones reduce, which can result in some facial hair on women, and an increase in fatty deposits in males.


This is where Pueraria Mirifica can help.


The estrogen levels in the body can be boosted in both men and women, of any age, by converting the phytoestrogens from natural plants and herbs into estrogen.  It makes no different whether you are a man or a woman.




How To Achieve Maximum Male Breast Enlargement


As a direct result of the male body having lower levels of estrogen due to the puberty cycle that naturally takes place in the body, it will be necessary to increase these levels to higher levels than a women to achieve noticeable results.


The best product on the marketplace to ensure that this happens is one that is based entirely on Pueraria Mirifica. The product ‘Purafem’ is an excellent example of this. This product has the highest levels of the natural ingredient, pueraria mirifica and comes in 3 essential forms that work together to ensure that your body produces the highest levels of estrogen.


There is  a breast cream and serum than is massaged into  the skin on the breast area. Both will be readily absorbed and help increase the hormone levels and estrogen.


Internally you will need to take pirifica capsules, that will help increase the estrogen levels within your body.


Finally they supply a natural breast enhancement ebook and dvd to ensure that you use the products effectively.




But is the Product Safe to Use?


FDA ApprovedThe product is FDA approved, which means that it has to pass strict safety and manufacturing levels to be able to display the prestigious FDA mark. So safety is fully covered.


So you can see from this article that it definitely is possible to encourage male breast enlargement using an effective proven process. But it will take. You will need to allow at least 1-3 months before you can see results, with up to 12 months for optimum results.




Are Results Guaranteed?


To put100% Satisfaction your mind further at rest, the product has a FULL 60 day Guarantee on EVERY purchase. So if you should find that the product does not work for you, then you will get your money back on all products purchased, including those you have used. I have not been able to find a product that provides a better deal.




Male Breast Enlargement – Conclusion


In view of the 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on ALL purchases, personally I would recommend that you order sufficient supplies of Purafem to more than cover the 60 day period. The best deal for this is to purchase the 4 month supply which includes 4 months supply of capsules, 2 x tubes of breast enhancement cream and 2 x serums (more than enough for 4 months supply). By buying it in this way, you will save almost 25% off the purchase price and it will still work out almost a 1/3rd of the price of the products I have seen advertised on the dedicated male to female transgendered indivual.


Apart from having sufficient products to use, you also try it risk free. Towards the end of the 60 day period, you then decide to re-order. Should you do so, then you will have a further 60 days to put the male breast enlargement product – Purafem  to the test, once again risk free!



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